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Solo Creators function as a group of creative leaders in any studio, film, television, or radio recording project. We work mainly with recording acts and record labels to produce records. Solo Creators also work with composers and produce sound recordings for film, TV and other forms of multimedia, as well.

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MUSIC PREMIER: The Latin rapper SIN FIN has released the 1st single from his upcoming album SIN FINGIMIENTO. Sin Fin, Sin Fingimiento, Lo Correcto, Tony Hasbun, Solo Creators, Solo Ent News, Latin Hip Hop, Latin Rap, Ta Bueno, New Album, Dominican Rap, RD Hip Hop,Alofoke The name of the single is TA BUENO produced by KANOS and engineered by SOLO CREATORS. The single TA BUENO is very unique, just the beat itself is a fusion of the Latin rhythms 'Salsa' and Hip Hop which was then generate with them urban rap lyrics by the Latin rapper himself SIN FIN, making this record an amazing song, sounding very Latin, Urban, acceptable to the Latin Culture as well as to the...

Sin Fin

This is where you put News Information about Sin Fin Artist... On July 12th, Latin hip hop MC SIN FIN a respected member and co founder of the well known Dominican   conglomerate LO CORRECTO announces the released of his first single 'TA BUENO' from one of his upcoming solo project…Read more...

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