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Solo Creators function as a group of creative leaders in any studio, film, television, or radio recording project. We work mainly with recording acts and record labels to produce records. Solo Creators also work with composers and produce sound recordings for film, TV and other forms of multimedia, as well.

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50 Cent fire back on a fan who called him a broke man

Since 50 Cent’s bankruptcy case was put out into the spotlight, everyone had something to say about it and a few fan's even questioned, if Fifty was really broke? But the rapper turned business man (the money machine) continues to make it crystal clear that he got MONEY! 50 CENT even made a video in response to one of his followers who called him a broke man. Fifty said “Only a broke n*gga would call me broke. You know how much money I go n*gga? Ya’ll n*ggas is half retarded.. bankruptcy means you not letting people take your money.” I guess this shut a few people''s mouth! Fifty Is Not Broke, A Fan Called 50 Cent A Broke Man, Fifty Fire's Back On Fan, 50 Cent News, Solo Creators News

Check Out – Music Artist – Rachel Bradford – New Music – “Stay” – Avaliable On ITunes

[caption id="attachment_4000" align="alignnone" width="1100"]About: Rachel Bradford - New Music - Stay, Listen To Rachel Breadford, Watch Rachel Bradford Live Performance, Get To Know Rachel Bradford, Solo Creators New Music, New Music, New Music Artist, Play New Music RACHEL BRADFORD
SOLOCREATORS.COM[/caption] About: Rachel Bradford is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from San Diego, California. Rachel first started pursuing her professional musical career under the encouragement of entrepreneur Tim Staump. Tim later recorded and mixed Rachel Bradford’s debut EP,“Somehow”, which was released in December 2013. Rachel is fortunate to play with amazing artists such as Tim Staump (drums), Marissa Rose (backup vocals, piano), Wes Haskell (bass), and Jon Schreiner (lead guitar). Since her start, Rachel Bradford has played in a variety of venues...

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