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Biography: Fergie Moronta “Professional Dominican Model”

Fergie Moronta Sosa is a Latin Brunette professional model from Corazon, Santiago, Dominican Republic. The 18 years old model began her modeling career at a very early age. Fergie studied modeling at a well respected school of the Dominican Republic known as “Las Estrellas Modeling School”. Fergie is well know in the entertainment business as somebody who’s very sympathetic, out spoken, loving, humble girl that’s very passionate about her career. Her passion is not only modeling but also dancing . She love dancing so much that she decided to make a career out of it, in early sprint of 2008 she decided to enrolled in a dancing school, she began attending ” The Center of Culture”. Fergie became the “Top Baby Model” in 2008 and in 2010 participated in “El Cascanueces” which a very highly well respected Latin Dance competition.

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Today, she is a “V-Power Girl”, she has been feature in many music as well as commercial videos in the Dominican Republic. Fergie is fighter who’s only intentions is to fight her weight through in the modeling industry and entertainment world in order for her to achieve her dreams of becoming a supermodel as well as professional dancer that will be sitting on top of the world like many others, whose to say that with such determination, Fergie the Dominican beauty will not reach those heights as many other model of her home land have accomplished. She says “Yes I know that I will trip and fall over and over but by failing first in the early stages of my career is what will make me stronger”. “If anything, I know that only with determination and perseverance all my dreams will come alive”. Stay tune for more about Fergie the Dominican beauty! Connect with Fergie Moronta on Facebook Click ► FERGIE MORONTA


Fergie Moronta is a professional model from the Dominica Republic who’s objective is not to be into trends, she hasn’t let fashion own her, she owns fashion, she doesn’t approach fashion, fashion approaches her. Believe it or not this spectacular super model has decided for herself who she is right now, as well as whom she wants to be in the near future, and what she wants to express by the way she dresses’ and the way she lives her life on the runway. As we all know fashion is an instant language, her unique style in fashion says it all without her having to speak a word. “My look is like a cocktail, enjoy” Fergie Moronta.

Fergie Moronta es una modelo profesional de la República Dominica, su objetivo no es estar en las tendencias, ella no has dejado que la moda la adueñe, ell a tenido que aprender adueñase de la moda, ella no se acerca a la moda, la moda se acerca a ella. Lo creas o no esta espectacular super modelo ha decidido por sí misma lo que ella es en este momento, así como los que ella quiere ser en el futuro cercano, y lo que quiere expresar por su forma de vestir, y la forma en que vive su vida en las pasarelas. Como todos sabemos, la moda es un lenguaje instante, su estilo único en la moda lo dice todo sin que ella tuviese que decir una sola palabra. “Mi belleza es como un cóctel, disfrutenme” Fergie Moronta.