Sin Fin – Sinfingimiento – Contigo Quiero Estar

Sin Fin – Sinfingimiento – Contigo Quiero Estar

Creators News:
The Dominican Rapper Omar Suarez, best known in the entertainment business as “Sin Fin” is currently in the Dominican Republic promoting his new single “Contigo Quiero Estar” off his solo upcoming album “Sinfingimiento” which will be containing 15 songs, all interpreted by the Mc himself.

The rapper has 16 years in professional music and has done collaborations with artists like Villano Sam, Toxic Crow, Lapiz Conciente, VillamĂ¡n, Lo Correcto, Black Jonas Point, Dkano, Melymel, Nipo, Negro HP, and Alofoke Music, among others great artists within the Hip Hop genre not only from his homeland “The Dominican Republic” but as well as from the USA.

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Based in the city of Oakland, California, “Sin Fin” will be for a month in Santo Domingo visiting different programs to publicize its proposal and new album which will be from November 9 on sale at all digital music stores.

The album “Sinfingimiento” will be contains songs like “Mueve”, “Ta’ Bueno” produced by Solo Creators, “No”,”Lejos”, Lechosa con ca”, “Te aseguro”, and the promotional theme “Contigo Quiero Estar” produced by “Mr. Amazing”.

For more news visit: Sinfingimiento News

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