Sin Fin – The album “Sin Fingimiento” – In stores soon!

The Latin Hip Hop Mc “Sin Fin”
Is now working on his new solo album “Sin Fingimiento”

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“Sin Fingimiento” is the title of the first solo album by the outstanding and talented  Dominican rapper
Sin Fin, member of the legendary Dominican Rap Group “Lo Correcto” which was found by Tony Hasbun in early 2000.

The album “Sin Fingimiento” will be a masterpiece do to the fat that the project has been produced and engineered by many professional not only in the Dominican Republic but as well as the United States. Below are just a few of the unique producers and versatile engineers that participated and worked together as one to create the masterpiece “Sin Fingimiento”.

Such producers are:

1. Nipo

2. Basico

3. DJ Güira

4. Esar Simó

5. Mr. Amazing

6. Kanos [Solo Creators]

7. Double E [Above The 90s]

8. Double R [Los Especialistas]

The list above are just a few among the many other producers and engineers that will be adding a couple more spices to the “Sin Fingimiento” project making it a cocktail of sounds and  easy listening, colorful for all ages not only within our high class society but as well as the high front line fans representing the artist’s in our Latin Hip-Hop / Rap industry and yet all their melodic lyrical content.

This production was recorded in a two weeks period in the United States, West Coast but mostly in the East Coast, including New York but never the less in the Garden state “New Jersey”. Most of the production and the engineering arrangements were done by “En Victoria” and “PVIP” Studios in NJ.

The vision for this album is to internationally segregate the Latin Hip Hop / Rap movement as one, alone with the a higher view to target new audience as well as to integrate more fans into the Latin Urban market where it really such a proposal to for consumers to consumed. The Mc Sin Fin says that  the album “Sin Fingimiento will be a masterpiece not only because it has a very responsive lyrical content but because of it’s fullness and greatness musical compositions behind it’s lyrical content which is very modern and fresh”. **Thanks to all the producers and engineers behind the project!

His wife Martha has been the engine behind the proposal of this great project “Sin Fingimiento”. Among other inspiration and motivation are the new stage of life in which the rapper Sin Fin is presently living with his wife, just resentlly his beautiful wife gave birth to their 2nd child Omar. The Mc says “my wife is one of my biggest supporter as well as both of our families have turned out to be an important pillar of my music career”. “This is why my album ‘Sin Fingimiento’ will mostly reflects the love, thruth, honestly that I ‘Sin Fin’ as a rap lyricist bring to our youth and our hip hop audience in today society. I assure ya that my project ‘Sin Fingimiento’ was worth waiting for”.

Sin Fin the album “Sin Fingimiento” will be history in the making!

Sin Fin “Ta Bueno”

Beat produced by Kanos [Solo Creators]

Video directed by Vladimir Marte [VPow Films]

Watch Video Below….

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